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Nurture in the News (pre 2023)

Featured Stories:

What It Means to “Nurture” by Kathryn Guylay This post on amazing Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, talks about how we can Nurture ourselves, our families, our schools, our communities and our Nation.  Get inspired!

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Nurture Idaho by Stacy Whitman.  This editorial piece, featured on Alice Water’s venerable Edible Schoolyard Project, describes how a passion for healthy eating can take root quickly in a mountain town in Idaho, setting the stage for a state-wide (and nation-wide) movement. Food and Fun…with Kathryn Guylay This front-page article tells the story of how Kathryn Guylay moved to Sun Valley, Idaho, on a “one year trial basis” to experience life in a mountain town.  Would her family decide to make a  permanent move from their long-time home in Chicago Illinois?  The story tells of Kathryn’s volunteer efforts at the Community School to get the Nurture program started in the Wood River Valley.

April 2009. Program expands role of food pantry (PDF)

It's one thing to pick up a box of rice at the food pantry. It's another to stop in for rice, stay for a cooking lesson and go home with a rice cooker. A new North Shore program offers struggling families that opportunity... (Click here to read PDF)

November 2009: Nurture Makes Health Education Fun and Affordable

The phrase eating healthy often conjures up images of elite grocery stores such as Whole Foods or pricey seasonal farmer’s markets. But Kathryn Guylay of Winnetka, founder and director of the new nonprofit, Nurture, aims to make eating healthy easy and cost-effective for everyone, regardless of income... (Click here to read PDF)

April 2010:  Chicago Parent features Nurture

Nurture was thrilled by the coverage that Chicago Parent’s reporter Liz Hoffman recently gave us in her story “Nonprofit teaches healthy eating, one rice cooker at a time.” Please be sure to check out the Audio slide show which features (founding) Nurture Board member Juliette Britton and several volunteers from Northwestern University. There are also some great tips about getting kids to try new foods and eat healthy!  (Click here to read PDF)


Winter 2014.  Edible Idaho South.  Habit_Forming_Rabbit.  This article by Naomi Goldberg provides an overview of the compelling, hands-on nutrition education approach taken by Nurture.  The article also announces some important changes in the direction of the organization as it looks towards the 2015 year.  "After three years of delivering classes throughout the Wood River Valley and beyond, Guylay and Nurture are gearing up for big changes this fall as Nurture transitions into the Nurture Foundation. Rather than directly serving the community through Nurture curriculua, the foundation will distribute funds from an endowment to community organizations.  Guylay sees this as a way to empower the communities to create and implement long-lasting nutrition and wellness programs.
Though Nurture curricula and training will still be available, this change will allow Guylay to re-focus her time and energy on training partners to "do Nurture".  Guylay envisions a cadre of "impact teams," well-armed nutrition advocates who teach community members about the importance, ease and delight of healthy eating." 

November 2014:  Eye on Sun Valley.  From the Ground Up, and Fire Escapes Too.  An overview of the community wide event to host keynote speaker Jeanne Pinsof Nolan, author of "From the Ground Up, a Food-Grower's Education on Life, Love, and the Movement that's Changing the Nation."  A quote from student Mayanna Llewelyn: “We need more healing hands to caress the land. And Jeanne’s is one of those healing hands.”

November 2014: Eye on Sun Valley.  Students Ask Adults to Look at Food in a Different Way.  Karen Bossick recaps the Food Unit/Nurture partnership with emphasis on the Food Expo held for parents on November 19 2014.

November 2014: Idaho Mountain Express. Students Study Food and Sustainability.  An overview of the Food Unit at the Community School and Nurture's partnership to create a high-impact learning opportunity.

October 2014:  Eye on Sun Valley.   No Twinkies on this Menu.  A great recap of our 2014 Food Day event including pictures of Nurture's project with the Community School to serve a home-made lunch to 120 Elementary School teacher and students.

March 2014: The Weekly SunRainbow Day Reminds Kids to "Gimme Five".
In her write-up of the Rainbow Day celebration at Hemingway Elementary School on March 18, writer Karen Bossick captures the fun through great quotes and pictures of the kids enjoying their tastes of the Rainbow of fruits and veggies.  Click on the article link to read more about this fantastic event in collaboration with the school's Parent Auxiliary and led by organizer and Nurture Instructor Missy Russell.

October 2013: The Weekly Sun. Food for Thought, Food for Tummy and Finding Nurture's Roots. More great coverage for our Food Day 2013 event courtesy of writer Karen Bossick. This full-page spread highlights the yummy food samples served at our October 24 screening of What's On Your Plate? and Nurture's evolution in the Wood River Valley.

October 2013: The Weekly SunWhat's On Your Plate? to Challenge Children's Thoughts About Food. In her write-up of our October 24 screening of "What's On Your Plate?", writer Karen Bossick captures the documentary's powerful message, punctuated by quotes like this one from Ann Cooper, author of Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our World: "Our unhealthy diet and lack of education surrounding our food supply is combining to foment a perfect storm taking us toward extinction."

October 2013: Food DayFood Day 2013 Taking Root in Central Idaho. Nurture's growing involvement in the national food movement is highlighted in this post on the Food Day website. The post features a round up of Food Day 2013 events being hosted by Nurture Idaho and local partners including The Hunger Coalition. We are so very proud to be closely associated with Food Day, an important national campaign that shares our mission of educating children, families and communities about the benefits and pleasures of healthy, affordable and sustainable food.

October 2013: Fundraiser Promotes Healthy Eating.  Winnetka Current featured Nosh for Nurture, highlighting our annual benefit and Valerie Bolon's Apricot, Cumin, Chickpea salad. After expenses, Nosh for Nurture raised over $17,000 thanks to donations from individuals, Pascal Berthoumieux, Big Bowl, Valerie Bolon, Creative Kids Corner, McDermott Construction, Peapod, Schaefers, SmallBar Division, John Trueman grants from First Bank of Highland Park and First Bank and Trust.

September 2013: Sun Valley Property News. Food & Fun: Nurture and Higher Ground Team Up for Health. This article highlights Nurture Idaho’s involvement with Higher Ground’s fantastic summer program for youths and adults with disabilities. “Collaboration is the key to successfully addressing large social issues” is one of the key quotes setting the tone for this important article.

August 2013: Food Day 2013. Nurture Idaho. We were so honored to have an article about our work featured by Food Day (a national celebration of healthy, affordable and sustainably produced food and campaign for better food policies). We are big fans of Food Day and very excited to be co-hosting a Food Day event--a special screening of the documentary What's On Your Plate--at the Community School in Sun Valley on October 24.

July 2013: The Ketchum Keystone. Women’s Charitable Foundation Gives $35,000 Grant. Nurture Idaho’s collaboration with the Community School and the Blaine County Education Foundation has been featured in this Ketchum Keystone article. Click here to learn more about the details of this generous grant from the Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation which will allow us to continue teaching kids about the importance of making healthy choices and eating nutritious foods. Another version of this article also was featured in the Idaho Mountain Express and this article was also featured in the Community School’s August 2013 Current Magazine.   The Idaho Mountain Express as well as the Sun-Times also ran articles announcing this exciting new for our valley.  We are experiencing lots of excitement about this generous support from such an important philanthropic organization in our community!

July 2013: Mountain Express. Congratulations 2013 Health Heroes! We are so proud of our very own “health hero” – Kathryn Guylay! To learn a little more about the woman and organization behind the award, check out this recent post on the Nurture Idaho blog.

June 2013: 360 Sun Valley. Nutrition to Grow With. Check out this article for helpful tips on how to make sure your children are eating healthy snacks and meals, even on the go.

May 2013: Weekly Sun. Nurture Participates in Day of Giving.  This article is a recap of Idaho Gives - a day of giving that took place across the state of Idaho on May 2.  Nurture was one of 37 nonprofits from the Wood River Valley that participated.  Take a peek at the story to get a sense of the event that took place in town square and the generosity that inspired this exciting day.

April 2013: Community School MagazineMs. Guylay Goes to WashingtonThis article summarizes Elena Guylay’s summer 2012 trip to Washington, D.C. where she accepted her award as Idaho’s winner of Michelle Obama’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge recipe contest.  The winning recipe is also included.  Enjoy!

April 2013: Weekly Sun.  White House Recipe Challenge for 8-12 Year Olds.  With the Healthy Kids Lunchtime Challenge recipe contest on again for the year 2013, Elena and Kathryn Guylay encourage Idaho children ages 8-12 to submit a healthy recipe idea!

April 2013:  Weekly Sun:  Nurture's Morning Millet and Oats Recipe.  This article shares one of Nurture's delicious breakfast recipes - Morning Millet and Oats!  In addition to the recipe, the article provides a brief introduction to Nurture's Elementary Nutrition and Wellness Program and highlights the many supporters who make the program possible.

March 2013:  Weekly Sun:  Rainbow Day at Hemingway.  This article covers Nurture’s school-wide event held at Hemingway Elementary School in Ketchum, Idaho.  On Rainbow Day (March 12, 2013) approximately 400 students celebrated fruits and vegetables of all colors with nutrition lessons, activities, and a “Rainbow Smoothie” Bar run by parent volunteers and Wellness Committee members.  Rainbow Day was supported by Idaho’s Bounty, our local farmers co-opt, who provided local fruits and veggies of all colors, and by the Idaho Dairy Council, who provided yogurt for the smoothies.

March 2013: Teaming Up to Prevent Obesity, Heart Disease & Diabetes.  For the second year in a row, Nurture, Family Service-Highland Park, and First Bank of Highland Park have partnered to provide Family Programs to Family Service clients. You can read more about the impact of this programming here: February Family Program Results  The results from the second program will be posted soon.

March 2013: Nurture Programming Contributes to a Food Pantry Deciding to Stop Distributing Junk Food.  In keeping with the emphasis on nutrition education supported by grants from Moraine Township, the Moraine Township Food Pantry will no longer be distributing junk foods! (See last page of Moraine Township newsletter) Moraine Township has funded Nurture nutrition education for the past two years with programming benefiting participants from four local social service agencies and both local school districts. Nurture is thrilled to be helping to create a healthier community for all.

January 2013: Nurture Curriculum Helps PTA Organize a Community to Make Soup Mixes for a Local Food Pantry.  In 2011 and 2012 Nurture collaborated with the city of Highland Park and North Shore School District 112 to help community members create non-perishable soup mixes for local food pantries. In 2013, Nurture trained the Red Oak Elementary PTA to conduct this event using this training guide.

December  2012:  Sun Valley Property News:   The Hunger Coalition, Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope.   This comprehensive article reviews the history and growth of Blaine County’s single organization dedicated to hunger relief.  However, the spirit of collaboration runs high in the Wood River valley.  As quoted by Board President Tyler Davis-Jeffers, “Our vision is to reduce the structural causes of hardship and poverty.  And our partnerships with many organizations from Nurture to The Sage School, the Advocates, and Idaho’s Bounty offer us variety of approaches.”  The article goes on to say that “It’s evident from the wide-reaching work The Hunger Coalition does in our valley that this strategy is not only necessary, but also extremely effective.”

November 2012:  ICF (Idaho Community Foundation) grants nearly $163,000 in southwest and central Idaho.  Nurture was honored to be included in the list of eighty three southwestern Idaho nonprofits, educational organizations and governmental entities to receive nearly $163,000 through its competitive grant cycle.  In Blaine County, Nurture was one of eleven non-profit organizations receiving funds that will be earmarked to bring monthly  nutrition lessons and healthy food tastings to Blaine County public school students.

November 2012:  Sun Valley (360):  A Community Student’s Casserole-Lined Road to the White House.  Margot Ramsay’s article is a fun recap of Elena Guylay’s trip to the White House to meet Michelle Obama.  Margot also talks about the connection of the Healthy Kids Lunchtime Challenge to Nurture’s work in the valley, including a pilot nutrition program in Wood River Valley schools.

November 2012:  Weekly Sun:  Little Black Dress Club Gives Organizations Cause for Thanks.  Nurture was honored to be one of six local organizations receiving support from the Little Black Dress Club-Wood River in the Idaho Community Foundation.  Since its inception three years ago, the club has handed out nearly $50,000 to local non-profit organizations.  The club awarded Nurture a much needed $2,000 grant to support pilot nutrition education programs in the Blaine County public school district.

October 2012:  Weekly Sun:  Food Day to Feature Feng Shui, Nutrition, and Cookbook Talk.  Nurture was thrilled to participate in Food Day 2012, coordinated by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.  You can read more information at this link, Nurture Idaho at Food Day.

September 2012: Free Healthy Cooking Workshop (Weekly Sun) and Spotlight on Quinoa (Weekly Sun).  Read more about Nurture’s collaboration with The Hunger Coalition in the Wood River Valley of Idaho, and learn details our most recent Education Workshop Class.  This workshop attracted a large number of participants who enjoyed the food tastings and took away much in learning.  You can also read the summary report of the fantastic program evaluation results and feedback.

September 2012:  School  to Hold Rainbow Day (Idaho Mountain Express) and Food and Fun at Community School Friday (Weekly Sun)

Read these glowing reports of the kick-off of the nutrition education project at the Community School in Sun Valley, Idaho.      “We are excited to kick off our nutrition program with Rainbow Day,” Elementary School Head Janet Salvoni stated in a press release. “The food and nutrition lessons from Nurture are excellent. The students love the hands-on activities and it is so important to start healthy eating habits at a young age.” You can read more about Rainbow Day in this Nurture Recent Buzz post.

September 2012: Free Healthy Cooking Workshop (Weekly Sun) and Spotlight on Quinoa (Weekly Sun).  Read more about Nurture’s collaboration with The Hunger Coalition in the Wood River Valley of Idaho, and learn details our most recent Education Workshop Class.  This workshop attracted a large number of participants who enjoyed the food tastings and took away much in learning.  You can also read the summary report of the fantastic program evaluation results and feedback.

August 2012:  Associated Press:  Healthy Lunchtime Challenge Winners Announced.   The summer months were busy with the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge contest, which culminated in a 2-day visit to Washington, D.C. to meet President and Mrs. Obama.  Kathryn Guylay and her 11-year old daughter, Elena, represented Idaho.  Please click here to download the PDF recipe book of these 54 healthy recipes from Epicurious.  To hear Elena and Kathryn on the local radio, please click here.

Follow these links to some of the top stories:
Post-Event article in the Fall Chefs Move to Schools newsletter
Post-Event article in the Weekly Sun (Sun Valley, Idaho)
Post-Event article in the Times-News (Magic Valley, Idaho)
The Pool Report with details on the event and names of Junior Chefs from each state
The Bloomberg Report “Obama Crashes Wife’s Event”

June 2012: ACF Awards Grants to Chefs to Educate Children about Healthy Eating
Nurture Founder Kathryn Guylay was thrilled to be one of the twelve recipients of a national grant from the American Culinary Federation and the Chefs Move to Schools initiative of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! She is excited to apply Nurture curriculum and teaching methods to a “Rainbow Day” of fruits and vegetables at the Community School in Sun Valley, Idaho.

May 2012.  Weekly Sun: Food Revolution Day Sparks Healthy Grocery Tour.  Nurture was honored to participate in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day on May 19, 2012.  Nurture co-hosted a tour to help participants learn tricks and tools for menu planning and grocery shopping.   Participants went aisle by aisle to learn label reading, compare products, and learn how to stock up on healthy pantry items.  Participants tasted recipes built on a simple Recipe Framework designed to make the most of what you’ve got on hand, what’s in season, and what’s on sale during a given week.

May 2012: Growing Plants and Minds Big and Small.  Nurture partnered with New Trier High School sophomores to teach Oak Terrace Elementary students how to grow their own food. The students loved planting their lettuce, corn, and beans and the sophomores gained confidence and experience in being mentors.Click here to read and like the article on TribLocal.

May 2012: Spinach as a Party Food for High School Students.  Nurture gave a food demonstration to over 80 students during Highland Park High School's Health Fair. The students gave rave reviews of the food.

April 2012: JCYS and Nurture Continue Collaboration Emphasizing Healthy Lifestyles.  Nurture will again partner with JCYS Champ Camp to provide nutrition lessons and delicious recipes to be taught by the counselors this summer.

March 2012: Nurture Collaborates with SAGE and District 65 to Bring Learning Outdoors.  Nurture collaborates with District 65 and S.A.G.E. (Schools are Gardening in Evanston) for the launch of a Garden-based Learning Workshop. Interactive sessions will help District 65 teachers in Evanston, IL leverage the school gardens as a vibrant teaching venue while earning continuing education credits.  Read the full article online here.

March 2012: Idaho Mountain Express: Help Beyond Hunger; The Hunger Coalition is about more than just food.

This article about Nurture partner, The Hunger Coalition, demonstrates how Nurture is working in collaboration with other organizations to teach a man to fish, in order to feed him for a lifetime. Nurture is proud to be collaborating with this food pantry which is primary provider of food assistance to the general population of Blaine County, Idaho.

November 2011. Weekly Sun: “Food and Fun…with Kathryn Guylay”.

This comprehensive cover article by Karen Bossick of the Weekly Sun and the Twin Falls Times (of Idaho) covers Nurture’s work with the Community School of Sun Valley, Idaho and The Hunger Coalition of Blaine County, Idaho. Karen was diligent in her research and highlighted her favorite recipe (Veggie and Brown Rice Burrito Bowl) and summarized key messages: “The whole point is never to say that any food is bad; but to empower kids so that they can be thoughtful consumers.” Read the full article here.

November 2011. Sun Valley Online: Nutrition Classes Offer Healthy Meals for the Budget-Conscious.

The Hunger Coalition of Blaine County (THC), Idaho, posted a great article announcing the collaboration between Nurture and THC to offer cooking classes to limited resource residents in this economically diverse community. Read the full article here! (PDF)

November 2011. Sun Valley Online: Food and Fun at Community School: Program empowers kids to make healthy food choices.

Nurture has launched a new nutrition education program at Community School of Sun Valley, Idaho called “Food and Fun”. Read the full article to read more about the program, including what the kids have to say about what they are learning!

March 2011. Kids had a blast at the 2nd annual Nurture/JL-ENS TV Tune Out Event on March 10th!

  • Watch the 2 minute video about the event:

February 2011.  Highland Park TribLocal:  JCYS and Nurture Promote Healthy Lifestyles.

Nurture is partnering with JCYS to provide nutrition education and cooking classes to at-risk youth during JYCS’s summer sports camp. Please read the article to see how this new approach is broadening and deepening our impact.

February 2011.  Glenview PATCH:  Whole Foods Raises Funds to Teach Better Nutrition.

Nurture’s Regional Director for Highland Park/Lake County was interviewed by Natalie Kaplan from the Deerfield PATCH.  Please read the article here to learn how Nurture is building a fantastic relationship with Whole Foods Market (Deerfield and Northfield store locations) to grow our programs!

January 2011. Chicago TribLocal: Nurture and Whole Foods Collaborate to Bag Hunger.

Nurture was honored to be selected by the Whole Foods Market’s Deerfield store to collaborate on a unique program to alleviate hunger in the local community. Over $8,000 in in-kind food donations were received by Nurture to assist in their educational programs for social service agencies, food pantries, and qualifying schools. Read all the details here.

Read about it in Libertyville’s Sun Times Media.

January 2011: ChicagoTrib Local Nurture Celebrates MLK Day

On Martin Luther King Day, Nurture led 500 Highland Park and Highwood residents in assembling 223 non-perishable soup mixes for the Moraine Township Food Pantry and 180 bilingual wellness activity books for the North Shore Health Center. Please read more about it here.

January 2011. ChicagoTrib Local: Nurture Cooking Event.

Nurture will be holding a cooking class, open to the public, on using the Rice Cooker for breakfast, lunch, dinner and more!  The class will be held at the Whole Foods Market Deerfield location on January 25th.  Please read more about it here.

December 2010. ChicagoTrib Local: Nurture Grant Renewed to Continue Nutrition Education Program to Expectant Mothers.

Nurture was one of seven organizations around the world to receive a 2010 Nutritional Education Grant from the Consumer Wellness Center, and we were especially proud to receive this award for the second year in a row!  "These are the kind of nutrition education programs our world desperately needs to restore health and create a promising future for our children," said Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, the volunteer Executive Director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center. "Our goal is to put resources and funding into the hands of those who can teach our children how to save their health and feed themselves natural, health-supporting meals based on sound nutritional principles."   Read about the grant program winners here.

December 2010. Chicago TribLocal: 5% day at Whole Foods Northbrook to support Nurture.

Nurture was thrilled when Whole Foods Market’s Northbrook location selected our non-profit organization as the beneficiary of their “5% day” fundraiser. They told us that our unique approach of combining education with food distribution is what sets us apart. Read more here.

October 2010.  The Winnetka Current : A little “Nurture” can go a long way

Nurture’s new collaboration with the New Trier Township Food Pantry was highlighted in this article by Anna Lothson.  Nurture was praised for its role in the community as a vehicle to bring together friends, family and neighbors.  Read more here.

September 2010:  Chicago Tribune: Trash the Takeout

Jen Weigel’s “lessons for life” column takes on a huge topic related to the nation’s growing waist line and hardening arteries:  the fact that many Americans avoid the kitchen and rely instead on fast food and take-out menus.  Her article looks to Healthy Kids Ideas Exchange to answer the questions “why are homemade meals a better choice” and “how do I get started in the kitchen?”.  Read more here.

September 2010: Winnetka-Glencoe Patch: Nonprofit Feeds Healthy Lessons To Local Families

For the launch issue of the Winnetka-Glencoe PATCH, Nurture was honored to be interviewed by Elizabeth Manaster for a featured article.  View full article as PDF.

August 2010: Nurture Demonstration Garden Keeps Giving

Nurture’s “Grow Your Own Food Program” (Summer 2010) provided access to fresh, organic and local produce for many families participating in its health and wellness classes through St. Philip’s Church and the Northfield Township Food Pantry.  View full article as PDF.

August 2010: Hamilton Beach Donates Cooking Equipment to Nurture

Nurture is the proud recipient of a significant donation of rice cookers and slow cookers from Hamilton Beach, a leading designer, marketer and distributor of small electric household appliances, as well as commercial products for restaurants, bars and hotels. “We are thrilled to partner with Hamilton Beach to broaden our reach and meet the needs of our family participants. Empowering caregivers with equipment is a key element of our offering and is obviously a huge expense for us. The ability to stretch our volunteer efforts through this corporate donation is amazing,” notes Executive Director, Kathryn Guylay. View full article as PDF

June 2010: Trib Local Covers Nurture's Spring Celebration Benefit

Nurture (Nutritional Upgrading Realized Through Underwriting, Resources and Education) held its second annual fundraiser on May 22 at the home of Kathryn and Jeff Guylay of Winnetka. The event, which gathered over 150 guests, raised over $10,000 to fund the program’s continued growth, particularly for its new programs in schools, its bi-lingual education programs, and its Grow Your Own Food program…  View full article as PDF

May 2010: Cooking Up Fun at Oak Terrace Elementary School/Nurture’s Spring Benefit to Help Fund Nutrition Programs

Nurture’s programs at Oak Terrace school in Highwood were featured in the TribLocal. The article described Nurture’s support of the elementary school’s USDA fresh fruit and vegetable grant, as well as the after-school cooking class which incorporates a nutrition lesson, fun activities, and fun yet healthy recipes. View full article as PDF

April 2010:  Chicago Parent features Nurture

Nurture was thrilled by the coverage that Chicago Parent’s reporter Liz Hoffman recently gave us
in her story “Nonprofit teaches healthy eating, one rice cooker at a time.” Please be sure to check
out the Audio slide show which features (founding) Nurture Board member Juliette Britton and
several volunteers from Northwestern University. There are also some great tips about getting
kids to try new foods and eat healthy!  View as PDF

March 2010: Nurture Receives Highland Park's Robert Barnard Character Counts Pillar Award.  The Character Counts Committee of the City of Highland Park and Highland Park Mayor Michael Belsky presented Nurture with a Robert Barnard Character Counts Pillar Award on Wednesday, March 24th at the Highland Park Country Club. Nurture was chosen in the business category as the organization and volunteers' beliefs, attitudes, and actions consistently exemplify the Six Pillars of Character. The Six Pillars of Character are as follows: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.  View full article as PDF

March 2010: TV Tune Out! Young Chef's Cooking Class for Kids . TV Tune Out!  Cooking up Fun with Nurture's "Young Chef's" Cooking Class for Kids.  Kids learned about healthy eating and helping others at the "Young Chef's" cooking class on March 11. During this hands on cooking class, 40 children prepared easy, healthy and tasty meals for their families and for 150 residents of Jonquil Hotel, a single room occupancy residence operated by Good News Partners in Rogers Park.  Read about it in the Pioneer Press

March 2010:  Nurture co sponsors the Slow Cooker Initiative. Nurture was proud to co-sponsor the Slow Cooker Initiative along with Campus Kitchens of Northwestern University, hosted at Winnetka Presbyterian Church. This educational series involved both parents and children and was made possible through collaborations with Family Network of Highland Park and the Northfield Township Food Pantry. The three-week series covered whole grains, the importance of breakfast, fiber/beans and lentils, and fruits and vegetables.   Northwestern University’s news channel made a special video to document the series.  Read more about the program from The Campus Kitchens Project’s national news articlePlease watch the following 2-minute video for more information:

March 2010: The Junior League Throws a Baby Shower for Low-Income Moms-To-BeFor many of us, the hectic experience of bringing home a baby is made easier by supportive family and friends: an aunt to throw us a baby shower, an understanding friend with children of her own on the other end of the phone, and our own mother by our side to walk us through the details of caring for an infant. But some less fortunate new mothers have to figure out how to care for their babies without the kinds of support

systems many women take for granted.

February 2010: Veggie burgers pass students' taste testStudents at Dawes Elementary School in Evanston had a running start on the healthy eating agenda that First Lady Michelle Obama is elevating to a matter of national urgency and prominence.  During January and February of 2010, each student participated in a 60 minute cooking and wellness class to promote fresh and healthy eating.  Elizabeth Thomas of Nurture coordinated the program.  Please watch this

ne and a half minute video showing you the program in action:

February 2010: Kellogg Students participate in the Yoga and Pilates For Charity Event Benefitting NurtureOn February 28th students from Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Management gathered for a morning of ab crunching and elongating, while making strides to fight childhood and adult obesity at the Yoga and Pilates For Charity Event.

February 2010: Nurture Assists Low Income Families with $1000 Grant from Consumer Wellness Center"Nurture, a non-profit organization based in the Chicago area, has been selected as one of this year's Consumer Wellness Center (CWC) Nutritional Grant Program recipients. Operated entirely by volunteers, Nurture provides cooking classes and nutrition education for low-income families, teaching them the essentials of incorporating whole foods into their diets. The organization's goal is to supply the tools and resources necessary for poorer families to prepare simple, nutritious meals that fit within their tight budgets."

February 2010: Nurture Awarded Grant to Bring Nutrition Program to Expectant MothersTribLocal print edition. Nurture is pleased to announce that it has been chosen as a recipient of a 2010 Nutrition Grant Award from the Consumer Wellness Center. This grant will buy rice cookers and wholesome food for expectant mothers enrolled in Family Network of Highland Park’s Right from the Start (Desde El Principio) prenatal program.

January 2010: Growing Healthy Kids holds inaugural meetingIn response to growing health concerns about Chicago's kids -- including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and decreased physical activity -- several local organizations and individuals within the Chicago food community have joined together to develop new ways of sourcing, providing and thinking about food.

November 2009: Nurture Makes Health Education Fun and AffordableThe phrase eating healthy often conjures up images of elite grocery stores such as Whole Foods or pricey seasonal farmer’s markets. But Kathryn Guylay of Winnetka, founder and director of the new nonprofit, Nurture, aims to make eating healthy easy and cost-effective for everyone, regardless of income.

October 2009:  Nurture to get families digging the dirt. On October 10th 2009 over 75 gardening enthusiasts and supporters gathered at the home of Jeff and Kathryn Guylay of Winnetka. Guests were treated to a wine and cheese reception followed by an educational presentation by The Organic Gardner on "How to Grow Your Own Vegetables".

Read about it in the Trib Local: October 2009:  Nurture's Fall Harvest
Gathering featuring guest speaker Jeanne Pinsof Nolan of The Organic Gardener
Read about it in the Pioneer Press:  December 2009: Nurture to get families
digging the dirt

September 2009. Help Low-Income Families Cook Healthy Meals with NurtureDo you love to cook and are looking to volunteer? If so, the nonprofit Nurture, founded by Winnetka resident Kathryn Guylay, may be the perfect fit for you...

August 2009. Nurture Empowers Families With Nutrition EducationNurture (Nutritional Upgrading Realized Through Underwriting, Resources and Education) held its first annual fundraiser on May 30 at the home of Kathryn and Jeff Guylay of Winnetka. The event, which gathered over 150 guests, raised over $10,000 to fund the program's growth...

August 2009. Amazing Woman Nominee: Kathryn Guylay Nurtures Low-Income FamiliesIn 2008, Guylay founded the nonprofit Nurture. With volunteers and a 10-member board including health, nutrition and fitness experts, the organization provides cooking classes to families that are eligible for food stamps, meaning they have a $4-a-day food budget...

Nurture in the community: Glenview Farmers MarketNurture hosted the Chef’s Table at the Glenview Farmers Market on Saturday, August 29, 2009. This was a great opportunity to raise community awareness about Nurture. In attendance from Nurture were Kathryn and Jeff Guylay and their children, board members Julia Goodhouse and Stacey Patillo, and volunteers

Elizabeth and Curt Matlin.

April 2009. Program expands role of food pantryIt's one thing to pick up a box of rice at the food pantry. It's another to stop in for rice, stay for a cooking lesson and go home with a rice cooker. A new North Shore program offers struggling families that opportunity...

March 2009.  Kathryn_Guylay_MBA_1995_Founds_NonProfit copy.  This article appeared in the McCombs (University of Texas Graduate School of Business) alumni online magazine proudly announcing the efforts of one of its graduates in starting a non-profit organization to improve the health and wellness of low-income families.

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