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Level 2 – First Year

Nurture Elementary Program: Level 2 - First Year

We provide the resources below for information only, and no part of its contents should be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, recommendation or endorsement by Nurture.  Nurture does not assume any liability for programs conducted via the use of this material.  Participating individuals should always ask their physician for his or her recommendation before starting any new health-related activity.  Please enjoy these materials and credit Nurture when using them.

Main focus areas

  • MyPlate and how each food group helps our bodies
  • How to sort foods by food group and Go and Slow Foods
  • How to make healthy snacks and balanced lunches using MyPlate as a guide
  • How cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and yoga exercises help our bodies

Below are links to the materials you’ll need to provide Level 2 programming

Unit Lesson P.E. Activity Supplemental Activity Parent Handout
1.1   Food for Fuel: Go or Slow?

Go and Slow Relay


Go Go Venn Diagram

Go Foods and Slow Foods

2.2   MyPlate

MyPlate Tag – Level 2

Menu Makeover


2.3   Eat a Rainbow

Fruit and Veggie Spud

  • How they help our bodies and how many we should eat
  • Lesson


Rainbow Riddle

  • Create riddles describing fruits and vegetables, share with a partner
  • Lesson


A Rainbow of Colors

2.4   MyPlate Portions

4 Square Tournament

  • Reinforces food groups.
  • Lesson


MyPlate Math

MyPlate Portions

2.5   Fitness is Fun!

Smoking Rhymes

  • Jump rope to rhymes about avoiding smoking
  • Lesson


My Healthy Heart

Fitness is Fun!

2.6   Flexibility and Yoga

Yoga Tag

  • Must get into a yoga pose when tagged
  • Lesson



  • Write two paragraphs about a relaxation technique
  • Lesson
Yoga and Flexibility

2.7   Sensational Snacks

Twin Tag

  • Characteristics of healthy snacks
  • Lesson


My Favorite Snack

Sensational Snacks

2.8   Pack a Better Lunch

Race Car

  • Reinforces MyPlate and Go and Slow foods
  • Lesson


None Healthy Lunch Options


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