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Level 1

Nurture Elementary Program: Level 1

We provide the resources below for information only, and no part of its contents should be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, recommendation or endorsement by Nurture.  Nurture does not assume any liability for programs conducted via the use of this material.  Participating individuals should always ask their physician for his or her recommendation before starting any new health-related activity.  Please enjoy these materials and credit Nurture when using them.

Main focus areas

  • Distinguishing between Go Foods that nourish our bodies and Slow Foods that don’t
  • How fruits and vegetables help our bodies and how to add them to our meals
  • How exercise, go foods, water and sleep keep us healthy

Below are links to the materials you’ll need to provide Level 1 programming

Unit Lesson P.E. Activity Supplemental Activity Parent Handout
1.1   Food for Fuel: Go or Slow?

  • Discuss why we eat and how to sort foods by go & slow
Go and Slow Relay

  • Sort foods by Go & Slow
Go Slow Cartoon

  • Draw how you feel after eating Go foods and after Slow foods
Go and Slow Foods

  • Peanut Buttery Oatmeal
1.2   Energy Balance

  • Food provides energy for activities. Eat too little or too much and you feel weak or sluggish
Energy Balance Exercises

  • Discuss energy balance, perform balance exercises


Hungry or Full?

  • Draw and describe a time you were hungry. Repeat for when have eaten too much
Energy Balance

  • Yogurt Parfait
1.3   Fruits and Veggies

  • How eating fruits and vegetables help our bodies, amount to eat
Fruit and Veggie Spud

  • Importance of fruits and vegetables


Fruit and Veggie Math

  • Add and subtract using fruits and veggies as the objects
Fruits and Vegetables

  • Veggie Head Muffins
1.4   Fitting in More Fruits and Veggies

  • Adding fruit & veggies to meals & snacks
Fruit and Veggies Red Light, Green Light

  • Use red and green fruits & veggies to play game


Calculating Fruit & Vegetable Consumption

  • List and count the fruits & veggies eaten each day
Fitting in Fruits and Vegetables

  • Snowmen on a Stick
1.5   Fitness is Fun!

  • Importance of active play, cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercises
Smoking Rhymes

  • Jump rope while saying rhymes about avoiding smoking


My Healthy Heart

  • Draw and write about things you can to do keep your heart healthy.
Fitness is Fun

  • Family Walks
1.6   Growing a Strong Body

  • Need for Go foods, water, exercise and sleep
Indy 500

  • Reviews Go and Slow foods while racing


Need or Want

  • Categorize by needs (keep us healthy) or wants
Strong Bodies: Needs and Wants

  • Lentil Tostadas
1.7   Where Does Food Come From

  • Discusses the steps to get food from farms to our homes
Farmer and the Crow

  • Active game reinforcing how to grow food


Growing Vegetables

  • Students plant veggie seeds they can grow at home


Where Does Food Come From?

  • Fun Ways to Use Lettuce
1.8   From Go to Slow

  • Case studies of helping students to reinforce concepts from the year
Simon Says Go or Slow

  • Reinforces categorizing Go and Slow foods


All About Me

  • Describe and draw things they do to stay healthy
Fun, Fresh, Family

  • Watermelon Smoothie


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