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Level 3

Nurture Elementary Program: Level 3

We provide the resources below for information only, and no part of its contents should be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, recommendation or endorsement by Nurture.  Nurture does not assume any liability for programs conducted via the use of this material.  Participating individuals should always ask their physician for his or her recommendation before starting any new health-related activity.  Please enjoy these materials and credit Nurture when using them.

Main focus areas

  • Using MyPlate to make balanced healthy snacks and meals
  • Distinguishing between thirst, hunger and appetite and what drives these
  • Using sugar and fiber on nutrition labels and ingredient lists to rank the health benefits of cereals and beverages
  • The importance of being physically active and limiting screen time

Below are links to the materials you’ll need to provide Level 3 programming

Unit Lesson P.E. Activity Supplemental Activity Parent Handout
3.1   MyPlate Review

MyPlate Tag – Level 3

  • Sort food cards by food group without getting tagged
  • Lesson
MyPlate Fractions

MyPlate Tips

3.2   Celebrations and Appetite

Hunt for Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Reinforces go and slow foods
  • Lesson
  • Hunt for Dinner Food Cards
Food Traditions

Celebrations and Appetite

3.3   Breakfast

Steal the Breakfast

  • Capture the flag reinforcing the importance of breakfast
  • Lesson


Kitchen Conversions

Break the Fast


3.4   Cereal Scavenger Hunt


Don’t be Slow

  • Importance of breakfast, sugar and fiber levels for Go and Slow cereals
  • Lesson


Design a Cereal Box

  • Develop package illustrations for a go cereal that will appeal to children
  • Lesson
  • Visuals


Shopping for Cereal

3.5   Physical Activity & Energy Balance

Dance Party

Healthy Heart Challenge

Energy Balance and Physical Activity

3.6   Screen Break

Get Up and Go Go


Screen Time Logs

Limiting Screen Time

3.7   Better Beverage


Elephant tag

  • Why water is the best beverage, importance of hydration
  • Lesson


Liters and Milliliters

Beverages 101

3.8   Jump Starting Energy

Soccer Fitness

  • Review year’s concepts
  • Lesson


None Summer Fun


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