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Fifth Grade Class Materials

This Nurture Curriculum is designed to allow schools to provide their students with highly interactive wellness lessons appropriate for the students’ developmental stages. Students explore how to apply nutrition, fitness, and relaxation concepts to their lives. The fifth grade curriculum takes the knowledge students have developed and applies it to more sophisticated topics: Portion Distortion, Fast Food Choices, Analyzing Advertising, and Sleep Cycles.

The curriculum is designed to minimize the amount of extra workload for teachers. All activities are linked to Common Core Learning Standards for English or Math. There are 3 activities every month:

  • Lesson – this is a 15 to 20 minute lesson on the topic of the month
  • PE Activity – this activity reinforces the monthly topic through physical games
  • Supplemental Activity – this classroom activity reinforces the topic through English or Math Common Core Learning Standards

We recommend spacing these activities so the students receive no more than one activity a week. This will require them to expend more effort to recall the concepts, thus helping to reinforce them.

Fifth Grade Topic Visuals Teaching Aids Handouts
October Lesson Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar Visual
Sugar Sugar Visual Spanish
Sugar Sugar Handout
Sugar Sugar Handout Spanish
Sweets Parent Handout
Sweets Parent Handout Spanish
PE Activity Sugar Circuit . Sugar Circuit Signs
Sugar Circuit Signs Spanish
Supp Activity Halloween Candy . . .
November Lesson Food and Culture Food and Culture Visual Internet, LCD Projector Screen or Promethean Board Food and Culture Parent Handout
Food and Culture Parent Handout Spanish
PE Activity Playing with Food .. One set Playing with Food Country Signs, 10 sets of Playing with Food Food Cards Color coded by set , Whistle, 6 hula hoops or mats ..
Supp Activity My Favorite Recipe .. .. ..
December Lesson Portion Distortion Portion Distortion Visuals . Portion Distortion Parent Handout
Portion Distortion Parent Handout Spanish
PE Activity Four Square Switch . Extra large rubber
balls, Medium rubber balls, Very small rubber balls, 4-square courts, Whistle
Supp Activity Plates and Portions . . .
January Lesson Fast Food Fast Food Visuals Optional: Eat This, Not That for Kids Fast Food Parent Handout
Fast Food Parent Handout Spanish
PE Activity Fit with Fast Food .. .. ..
Supp Activity Fast Food Menu .. .. ..
February Lesson Fitness is for Me . Pencil .Healthy Heart Log.Healthy Heart Log Spanish Fitness is Fun – Especially when you do it together!!.Hacer Ejercicio es Divertido – Sobre Todo Cuando lo Hace en Familia!!
PE Activity Dance Party . Dance Party Handout.Dance Party Handout Spanish .
Supp Activity Fitness Ideas . . .
March Lesson Stress Stress Visuals Pencil, Stress Brainstorming Worksheet (in lesson) Stress Management Parent Handout.Stress Management Parent Hanout Spanish
PE Activity Yoga Tag .. .. ..
Supp Activity .. .. .. ..
April Lesson Ad Smart Ad Smart Visuals .
Ad Smart Parent HandoutAd Smart Parent Handout Spanish
PE Activity Bandwagon Tag . . .
Supp Activity Ad Critic . . .
May Lesson Public Service Announcement .. .. ..
PE Activity .. .. .. ..
Supp Activity Share PSA .. .. ..


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