Recipes – Kids

Nurture’s kids recipes:

  • almost always include a fruit or a vegetable, as most children do not eat the recommended five servings a day (2 of fruit and 3 of veggies)
  • often use a Nurture-recommended piece of cooking equipment (rice cooker, slow cooker, and/or hand blender/food processor) with the goal of quick and easy meal preparation
  • often incorporate other Nurture-recommended foods besides fruits and vegetables (whole grains, beans, lentils, split peas)
  • are healthy, nutritious yet extremely delicious and FUN choices for kids!



English Spanish Equipment? Whole Grain?
American Flag Bandera Americana Whole Wheat Bread
Apricot Cinnamon Couscous “Cuscús” con Chabacanos y Canela Rice Cooker Whole Wheat Couscous
Berry Smoothie Batido de Bayas Blender .
Breakfast Pizzas Desayuno de Pizza . Whole Grain tortillas
Peanut Buttery Oatmeal Avena con Crema de Cacahuete Rice Cooker Steel Cut Oats
Rice Ambrosia Arroz Ambrosia Rice Cooker Brown Rice
Apple Crisp Crujiente Manzana Slow Cooker Rolled Oats
Strawberry Banana Breakfast Split Desayuno de Fresas y Plátano Rice Cooker Steel Cut Oats
Yogurt Parfait Parfait Yogurt Rice Cooker Steel Cut Oats


English Spanish Equipment? Whole Grain?
Aloha Rice Arroz “Aloha” Rice Cooker Brown Rice
Fiesta Parfait Fiesta Parfait Rice Cooker Brown Rice
Fiesta Pizzas Pizas Fiesta Oven, Blender Whole Grain tortillas
Holiday wreath Corona de Fiesta . Whole Wheat Bagel
MyPlate Pizza Piza MiPlato Oven Whole Wheat English Muffin
Tuna Bites Bocados de Atún . Whole Wheat Crackers or Pitas
Turkey Friend Mi amigo el pavo . Whole Wheat Bread
Veggie Head Muffin Pastel de Verduras . Whole Wheat English Muffin
Yummy Quesadilla Quesadillas Deliciosas Rice Cooker, Oven Brown Rice

Snacks and Drinks

English Spanish Equipment? Whole Grain?
Ants on a Log Hormigas en un Tronco . .
Banana Soft Serve Crema de Helado de Plátano Food Processor or Blender .
Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Pie Cremoso de Chocolate y Banana Oven Whole Wheat Graham Crackers
Cocoa-Cran Granola Cocoa-Cran Granola Oven Rolled Oats
Corn Salsa Salsa de Maíz . .
Creepy Crawlers Arañas Espeluznantes . Whole Wheat Crackers
Eat a Rainbow Cómete Un Arco Iris! . .
Edible Art Arte Comestible . .
Energizing Trail Mix Mezcla Energética Para El Camino . Whole Grain Cereal
Fruit Salsa Salsa de Frutas . .
Green Machine Máquina Verde Blender .
Homemade Lemonade Limonada Casera .
Monster Bites Mordiscos Monstruosos . .
No Bake Cookie Balls Galletas Sin Hornear . .
Not Your Mama’s Edamame No la Soya Tradicional . .
Nut-Free Trail Mix Mezcla para merendar por el camino sin contenido de frutos secos . Whole Grain Cereal
Snowmen on a Stick Hombre de Nieve en un Palo . .
Sunbutter Balls Croquetas de Crema de Girasol . .
Sweet Potato Chips Camote Frito Oven .
Veggie Friend Amigo de Verduras . .
Watermelon Smoothie Smoothie de Sandía Blender .
Yogurt Dip Salsa de Yogurt . .


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