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Program Checklist: Agency Programs

Five Steps for Coordinating Your Agency Program:

1.       Create a Curriculum Overview chart in collaboration with your agency partner and your Regional Director.  Click here for an example. This chart will show how many classes will be in the series (if a series) along with dates.  Make sure the  dates get on the Calendar for your Nurture chapter.  Decide if you will be teaching adults and kids at the same time.  If so, create a comprehensive Curriculum Overview which includes lessons, activities, and recipes for all age groups. 

2.       Confirm the location of the class and visit it ahead of time to locate outlets, work space, and flow. 

3.       Work with your agency partner to recruit participants.  If the event is open to the community, make use of the media and other marketing/communication channels to get the word out that your fantastic event is coming up.  Put up a post on "New from Nurture Idaho" or "News from Nurture Illinois", depending on where the class will be held.

4.       Staff your program/event with volunteers.  Click here for an example volunteer chart.  Coordinate with volunteer coordination committee on this task.

5.       For each class:

-ensure that each person in attendance (participant and volunteer) has signed a liability waiver 

-make sure that you cover the Nurture policies and procedures with your participants

-purchase required food and supplies for the recipes

-print out your handouts, if using.  Click here for more information

-Don't forget your program evaluation/feedback forms

-Most importantly, have fun teaching your classes!  

Tips for Working with Children in an Agency Setting

Tips for Cooking with Children:

English Spanish English and Spanish
Keeping it Clean Mantenga Todo Limpio! Keeping it Clean
Reading a Recipe Leer Las Recetas Reading a Recipe
Safety Tips Consejos De Seguridad  

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