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Third Grade Class Materials

This Nurture Curriculum is designed to allow schools to provide their students with highly interactive wellness lessons appropriate for the students’ developmental stages. Students explore how to apply nutrition, fitness, and relaxation concepts to their lives. Third grade focuses on three main topics: Breakfast, Better Beverages, and Limiting TV and Electronic Use.

The materials are designed to minimize the amount of extra workload for teachers. All activities are linked to Common Core Learning Standards for English or Math. There are 3 activities every month:

  • Lesson – this is a 15 to 20 minute lesson on the topic of the month
  • PE Activity – this activity reinforces the monthly topic through physical games
  • Supplemental Activity – this classroom activity reinforces the topic through English or Math Common Core Learning Standards

We recommend spacing these activities so the students receive no more than one activity a week. This will require them to expend more effort to recall the concepts, thus helping to reinforce them.

Note: If this is the first year your school is implementing the curriculum or you do not teach the second grade lessons at your school, please make the following changes.

  • Since many of our lessons refer to Go and Slow foods, you may also want to teach this lesson in September: Food for Fuel: Go or Slow
  • October - instead of MyPlate Review use MyPlate
Third Grade Topic Visuals Teaching Aids Handouts
October Lesson MyPlate Review MyPlate Poster
Spanish MyPlate
Butcher Paper MyPlate Parent Handout
MyPlate Parent Handout Spanish
PE Activity MyPlate Tag . 11 hula hoops, 2 pennies, 6 bean bags of each of the following colors: Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue .
Supp Activity MyPlate Fractions . Crayons or colored pencils .
November Lesson Thanksgiving Feast Thanksgiving Visual Blank Plate Thanksgiving Feast Parent Handout
Thanksgiving Feast Parent Handout Spanish
PE Activity Hunt for Thanksgiving Dinner .. 2 Sets of Food Cards Small
50 cones or solid colored 12 oz cups
Supp Activity Food Traditions .. .. ..
December Lesson Break the Fast Breakfast Visuals . Break the Fast Parent Handout
Break the Fast Parent Handout Spanish
PE Activity Steal the Bacon . 2 bean bags, Pennies for half the class, 2 hula hoops .
Supp Activity Kitchen Conversion . . .
January Lesson Cereal Scavenger Hunt Cereal Visuals
Cereal Visuals Spanish
Cereal Detective Log
Detective de Cereales Trabajo
Shopping for Cereal Parent Handout
Shopping for Cereal Parent Handout Spanish
PE Activity Don't Be Slow .. .. ..
Supp Activity Design a Cereal Box Cereal Boxes Colored pencils, markers, crayons, paper ..
February Lesson Fitness is Fun . . Fitness is Fun – Especially when you do it together!
!Hacer Ejercicio es Divertido – Sobre Todo Cuando lo Hace en Familia!!
PE Activity Dance Party . Dance Party Handout.Dance Party Handout Spanish .
Supp Activity Healthy Heart Challenge . Healthy Heart Worksheet Healthy Heart Worksheet Spanish .
March Lesson Screen Break Screen Break Visuals .. Limiting Screen Time Parent Handout.Limiting Screen Time Parent Handout Spanish
PE Activity Yoga Tag .. .. ..
Supp Activity .. .. ..
April Lesson Better Beverage Better Beverage Visual .
Better Beverages Parent HandoutBetter Beverages Parent Handout Spanish
PE Activity Elephant Tag . . .
Supp Activity Liters and Milliliters . . .
May Lesson Rethink Your Drink .. .. ..
PE Activity Water Relay .. .. ..
Supp Activity Sugar Estimation .. .. ..

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